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7 ways to Use Video to Add to Online Learning Engagement

When it comes to e-learning, quite often straight to the point text is best. However, there are certain topics and subjects where it is much better for you to show rather than simply “tell.” That is when you may want to consider something utilizing different forms of media, such as video. However, using video in a strategic manner is key if you want the best learning results. Before you create or utilize your next video, keep in mind these tips for effectively utilizing videos in your e-learning process.
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How to Create Successful E-Learning Strategies

Training is an important part of any company business plan and the learning strategy requires careful thought into the needs of both the company and its employees. Employees depend on having ways to advance in the company and companies need to make sure their employees are prepared to do their jobs.  If you are ready to establish learning strategies or revitalize the learning environment in your company, the following steps will help: 1. Identify the Organization's Highest Priority Goals and Objectives
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10 Tips for Writing Better E-Learning Scenarios

If you are writing a scenario-based eLearning curriculum or including scenarios in your content, you will want to create one that fits your employees’ needs. This can be a challenging task, but there are tips that will help you create the right scenario.
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Overview of 70/20/10 Training Theory: Still a Valuable Guide in the Internet Age

70/20/10 Training Theory Learning and development in the workforce has always been a challenge based on how much time it takes and the approach needed to help employees advance in their jobs. Your own company may have constant struggle with this since you may not have proper training resources available, or virtually any time to increase employee training.

Self Directed Learning

Defining Self Directed Learning Below are several popular definitions of self directed learning that will help you develop a well rounded understanding.
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