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4 Key Facts for Online Safety Training Buy-In

To most employees, safety training might sound like a tedious affair, one that prompts the "oh-no, not another one!" type of reaction. However, these pieces of training are crucial for your staff. More companies have realized the benefits of online safety training as opposed to physical training.
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Blended Learning: Six Models, Unlimited Benefits

Learning something new entails much more than simply reading about a new concept and committing it to memory. Studies have shown most people learn in different ways, and implementing teaching techniques that address those variations is the best way to make sure learning is accomplished by an entire group, rather than just a few.

Online Safety Training: Why Blue Collar Companies Need It

Online Safety Training Blue collar workers are often some of the most vulnerable to job-related injuries and accidents, but they also aren’t always as educated about workplace safety as their white collar counterparts may be. A good way to combat this lack of education and awareness is through online safety training courses, which can be more affordable and accessible to the blue collar demographic than traditional classroom settings may be. Find out more about online safety below.
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Benefits of Online Safety

Keeping a safe and healthy workplace environment is important in order to protect your workers from illness and accidental injury. It is also important for the beneficial impact that safety protocols exert on salient key performance indicators (KPIs): the reduction in costs and employee turnover, and in the increase in employee morale and productivity. You may think that you understand the need for employee safety training sessions, however, ask yourself to name the benefits of online safety training that differ from other kinds of available training methods. The following paragraphs can clarify that issue by helping you understand how online safety training may help you manage risk and grow your business all while giving your employees the safety training that they need.

The ABC's of E-Learning: A Glossary of Terms

ABC's of E-Learning: A Glossary of Terms The business world is becoming more and more dependent on the digital world for timely delivery of information and educational material. E-learning, as it is widely known, has become an ever important tool for bringing education in to the workplace in almost every industry. E-learning is also known as multimedia learning, technology-enhanced learning (TEL), computer-based instruction (CBI), computer-based training (CBT), computer-aided instruction (CAI), internet-based training (IBT), learning content management system (LCMS), and web-based training (WBT). Besides the wide range of names associated with e-learning, there are also many terms associated with this industry that may not be widely known.