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Reasons Why Postponing Investing in EHS Software is so Costly

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Doing nothing and waiting doesn't cost you a dime, right? Wrong! Failure to provide a safe workplace and ensure compliance with OSHA  health and safety regulations will cost dearly. Incorporating EHS software as a part of your company's safety management has never been more critical than it is right now. On average annually, inspections conducted by OSHA result in proposed penalties in the millions. Procrastinating in implementing EHS software is too costly, and here's why.

Injury Expenses You Can't Recover From

One minor injury alone can cost thousands of dollars in medical expenses, potential lawsuits, and worker compensation. Last year, the average cost for claims was $42,008. The chances are good that one incident (an incident that EHS software could likely have prevented) will cost your company more than it would have cost to invest in EHS software.

EHS software will help your company avoid employee injuries, illnesses, and death by allowing you to have complete control and visibility over the workplace safety program. In the event that an incident occurs, time is of the essence. EHS software can help reduce response times by providing a quick alert that there has been a safety violation. A fast response time means that the following happens quicker:

  • Injured employees receive medical attention
  • Hazardous chemical spills contained
  • Prevention of subsequent injuries and incidents as a result of the main one

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Decreased Productivity

EHS software is the most efficient and effective way to manage your workplace safety program. When you put off investing in necessary software because of costs, you end up spending it in the form of additional labor, whether it be in-house management or outside consultants. EHS software allows you to increase productivity and cut down on costs long-term by having everything you need to manage your workplace safety program in one place. 

Human Error

Manually managing anything, including your workplace safety program, leaves your company at risk of human error. It's not a matter of if it happens but when. It's unavoidable. We are all human. Errors in your safety program can lead to huge problems, including injury, death, fines, penalties, etc. 

For example, let's say 3 of your employees have gone through the training and safety certifications to work with a hazardous chemical. OSHA pays your company a visit and requests to see proof that these 3 employees completed the proper training. You search the file where they are supposed to be kept but can't find the paperwork for one of the employees. You know the employee completed the training, so chances are the paper has been misplaced, lost, or filed wrong. Either way, OSHA isn't going to be happy and substantial fines could result. 

EHS software keeps everything in one place, including documentation of completed safety courses and training modules for each employee, making it easy to find the paperwork you need when you need it. 

High Insurance Premiums

It's difficult to shell out big bucks for insurance premiums, but it is necessary for every business, and you're thankful it's there when you need it. The riskier insurance companies see your business, the higher the premium. The more frequently you file claims against your insurance for vehicles, buildings, worker's compensation, equipment, etc., the higher of a risk your company is viewed as. 

EHS software helps you reduce the number of claims you make by giving you the management tools you need to avoid incidents before they happen. Recognize potential hazards and take quick corrective action.

Invest Now, Save Long-Term

Our mobile-friendly EHS software is designed to give you 360-degree visibility no matter where you are. Safety and compliance are crucial to the success of any company, and Wise Businessware is here to give you a way to do safety better. Contact us today to learn more or request a free demo.

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