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10-Step Process to Minimize Vehicle Accidents

This 10-Step Process provides guidelines to assist an employer in improving traffic safety performance and in minimizing the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Following these steps will help to ensure that only eligible drivers drive on company business, hire capable drivers, train them accordingly, supervise them effectively, assure proper company vehicle maintenance, and hopefully keep your motor vehicle insurance costs as low as possible.
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Cell Phone Driving Policy

In the United States motor vehicle accidents cost $100 billion annually. According to official US Government website, on average each year, 421,000 people are injured and 3,328 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver.
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Distracted Driving

Within the next 12 minutes someone will die in a motor vehicle accident, within the next 10 seconds someone will be injured and within just the next 5 seconds an automobile crash will occur. Distractions will be the leading cause of many of these accidents. Distractions are continuing to grow as we increasingly see the need to multi-task in every aspect of our lives in order to save time and increase productivity. This mindset only reduces our ability to focus on the task at hand - driving. An important element of any Driver Safety Program is teaching employees how to avoid distracted driving.
Topics: Driver Safety Safety Training