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What is Self Directed Learning


Wouldn't it be great if your employees were actually motivated to learn and train on their own, limiting the need for additional staff or trainers so you could conserve resources while still gaining the benefits of state-of-the-art training? With self-directed learning, that's all possible.

Self-directed learning is defined as learning that's “owned” or controlled by the learner. It's “DIY learning” that lets your employees learn at their own pace for a more individualized experience that increases engagement and results in better understanding – and better results for your company.

In traditional education settings, learners attend classes that move at a predetermined pace, leaving some people struggling to keep up while others are bored stiff. The result: You wind up truly engaging only a portion of the learners, resulting in an ineffective and incomplete learning experience. Self-directed learning environments let everyone learn at the pace that's most comfortable for them so they absorb more and understand better.

For years, researchers have recognized the benefits of self-directed learning, but until recently, not a lot was known about why self-directed learning worked so well. Now, research has shown the self-directed approach is successful, at least in part, because it allows the brain to learn naturally, sorting out what it already knows from new information that needs to be absorbed so it can focus itself more efficiently.

The self-directed learning environment is appealing to all types of learners, and thanks to e-learning, it's not hard to implement. The most critical aspects of a self-directed learning program is having a robust content library that can be accessed at any time, whenever it's most convenient for your employees.

Creating your own library of learning materials is a huge task, and the time spent in compiling information can quickly outweigh any benefits your company could experience with self-directed learning. Plus, by the time you finish creating a library, there's a good chance at least part of the information will be outdated and obsolete. So until recently, it was a concept overlooked and under-explored by many companies.

But with the advent of e-learning and learning management systems (LMS), all that changed. That's because e-learning made it possible to seamlessly integrate a content library within the LMS so employees have access to content on demand, whenever they're ready to learn.

Wise Businessware's LMS supports a vast content library on dozens of topics that can help you create the ideal environment for a self-directed learning experience. From workplace safety, law and ethics to project management, sales and customer service – and pretty much everything in-between – the Wise Businessware content library provides the most up-to-date information and resources on topics that are relevant to your business and your goals.

If you've been considering an LMS for your company, have a look at what Wise Businessware's LMS offers, and then give us a call or shoot us a message via our contact form, and let us help you explore your options for training and motivating employees in brand new ways.

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