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7 Benefits of Using Safety Inspection Software


Creating a safe workplace that complies with all safety regulations is an ongoing process, which can be supported by regular internal audits. These self-inspections help you identify potential issues before they lead to a regrettable incident. However, in a large, complicated facility, or within an organization with multiple locations, keeping these inspections organized—and making sure they happen in the first place—is not an easy task.

Safety inspection software helps you maintain an inspection schedule, identify trends over time, and take corrective actions. Take a closer look at the many benefits of adopting audit and inspection software within your organization:

Standardize Your Inspection Process

No more random spreadsheets and paper checklists full of what that location's inspector noticed or deemed important. Within your software, you can customize your dashboards and inspection checklists to suit each facility, and you can standardize the reporting process so every location follows the same protocol. This helps you ensure each inspection is thorough, no matter who is conducting it, and better organize the information you gather.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Create a regular inspection schedule, and receive reminders about upcoming inspections so time doesn't get away from you. The inspection checklists help you streamline the entire process so you can save time and limit disruptions. 

Improve Compliance

If new rules and regulations require changes in your workflow (and what you look for in your audits), you can easily update your software to reflect the area that needs your attention. Make real-time updates in the system as you move through the facility.

Because the software is intuitive, it's easy for anyone to use. When reporting is made simple and employees don't have to take a lot of time away from work to do it, they're more likely to comply with reporting rules and alert the team to potential safety hazards. 

Take Corrective Action

Assign corrective tasks within the platform and confirm they've been completed. If not, it's easy to follow up. You can review past action steps and evaluate them against your results to determine if what you're doing is effective.

Create Transparency

Anyone with an internet connection and the permission can access your inspection records. This brings the entire team up-to-date with what you're doing and how it's working, which encourages the entire organization to get involved with safety and the build the safety culture that will improve your bottom line and make your facility a safe place to work. 

Maintain Organized Records 

Spreadsheets and paper records are exhausting. They can be hard to update and even harder to interpret, and if someone files one incorrectly, you can waste a lot of time trying to find the information you need.

Within the safety inspection software, you can easily retain your inspection records and search specifically for the ones you want to revisit. Not only does this help you comply with reporting regulations, it makes it easier for you to make sense of the data you're gathering, identify trends, and put your knowledge to work to create a safer workplace. 

Improve Your Bottom Line

It's nice when doing the right thing is good for business. Inspection software helps you save time and money by identifying potential issues before they lead to big accidents. Workers stay healthier and happier, making them more likely to remain with the company and saving you the high cost of turnover.  An injury-free workplace also enjoys a lower EMR and lower workers' comp premiums. A safe workplace is a productive one. 

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