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10 Compelling Reasons to Use EHS Software


According to the National Safety Council more than 60 percent of CFOs said every one dollar invested in safety and injury prevention yielded a return of two dollars or more. This is great news; however, the true key to a good return on investment in Safety is implementing an EHS system that is designed to provide continuous improvement.

The key functions an EHS system must consistently evolve and improve are detailed below. 

Increase Productivity

The bottom line? Safety pays. The most obvious benefit of EHS software is that it increases employee productivity, making it easier for them to report incidents, report observations, conduct inspections, manage corrective actions, reduce / eliminate risks and stay compliant with a variety of regulatory agencies.

The money-saving domino effect is that a safer, more compliant workplace means fewer missed work days and less money spent on workers compensation costs, legal fees, medical bills and fines.

Save Time

Companies are spending significant time and resources on safety related administrative work each year. With comprehensive dashboards, reports, efficient data collection forms, task management, reminders and more, EHS software simplifies and automates a variety of time-consuming administrative tasks.

Provide Tools for Success

In organizations, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is up-to-speed with safety training, compliance, inspections and required tasks. EHS software gives employees access to the tools and information needed to ensure all required tasks are consistently completed on time.

Based on privileges, it's easy for anyone with the organization to find the information they need, when they need it. 


EHS software will help create cohesion among employees. No matter who files a report or conducts an inspection, EHS software ensures it's done the same way every time. With this consistency, it's easier to get the complete picture as provided by accurate data.  

Work From Anywhere

In an increasingly mobile world, it's essential to be able to access information from wherever you are. For an organization with multiple facilities, this is especially important, as managers can review data and assign tasks without having to travel to each location. 

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Create Reports Easily

An EHS system can provide data in a way spreadsheets can't. Additionally, manual reporting takes a lot of time and makes you vulnerable to costly mistakes. University of Hawaii IT management professor Ray Panko wrote "about 88 percent of spreadsheets contain errors."

Within your EHS software you can run reports with just a few clicks. It's easy to access the information you need when you need it. 

Never Miss Deadlines 

Set reminders about deadlines and get alerts when the data indicates an action is needed. Actions can be automatically assigned with notifications being automatically sent to the responsible party. 

Improve Transparency

This ties almost all the above points together: employees, managers and stakeholders, based on their privilege level, can access all relevant information and tasks in real time. 

Improve Hazard Identification and Safety Performance

Because you can visualize your data in real time on customizable dashboards, you're able to quickly notice trends and concerns that should be addressed before they result in an accident.

In the past, observations or near-misses may have been quickly forgotten or even unreported entirely.  Within your EHS software, you'll see there were a handful of related near-misses and you'll be able to identify and correct the root cause. 

Reduce Risk for a Safer Workplace

This is what it all comes down to. EHS software helps you stay proactive, identifying and correcting risks before they cause an accident. 

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