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Slip and Fall Case Study

This case is Nichols v. Board of Trustees, Public Employees' Retirement System, case number A-29-12, in the Supreme Court of New Jersey.
Topics: Slips, Trips and Falls

6 Important Workers’ Compensation Safety Tips

Maintaining a safe workplace, improving productivity, and lowering your workers' compensation premiums all start in the same place: decreasing your employees' risk of injury. The fewer workers' comp claims you file, the lower your experience modification rate (EMR) will be—which translates to lower premiums. Furthermore, you'll save money because you won't have to replace injured employees, experience temporary productivity loss, repair broken equipment, or stop work to investigate an incident.
Topics: Workers' Compensation

6 Steps to Establish an Effective Stop Work Authority Program

What is Stop Work Authority (SWA)? Stop Work Authority (SWA) is a program designed to provide employees and contract workers with the responsibility and obligation to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior may result in an unwanted event. A key element of a Stop Work Authority Program is a detailed set of written procedures. They will help ensure that every SWA event works consistently and as intended.
Topics: Stop Work Authority Safety Training

Mobile Apps for Safety Professionals

Mobile Apps for Safety It is estimated there were 102 billion mobile app downloads in 2013. That number is almost double the number of downloads in 2012. Free apps counted for over 90 percent of the total downloads. No doubt Candy Crush was a good chunk of the 90 percent. However, there are noteworthy apps in the free download category that can be helpful safety resources. Below are links for two such apps.
Topics: Mobile Apps Safety Resources