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5 Tips for Employee Safety in the Parking Lot

Companies want to keep employees safe, whether they are on the job site or in the company parking lot. By following these five tips, companies can help ensure everyone's safety in and around the company parking lot.  Here are five tips to help keep employees safe in the company parking lot.
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7 Benefits of Using Safety Inspection Software

Creating a safe workplace that complies with all safety regulations is an ongoing process, which can be supported by regular internal audits. These self-inspections help you identify potential issues before they lead to a regrettable incident. However, in a large, complicated facility, or within an organization with multiple locations, keeping these inspections organized—and making sure they happen in the first place—is not an easy task.
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10 EHS Certifications to Add to Your Resume

Certifications are an excellent method to enhance your career, obtaining more expertise in your field. Having a decorated designation on your resume can help you become more marketable and earn more money in your career.
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Cell Phone Driving Policy

In the United States motor vehicle accidents cost $100 billion annually. According to official US Government website, on average each year, 421,000 people are injured and 3,328 people are killed in motor vehicle accidents involving a distracted driver.
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Slip and Fall Case Study

This case is Nichols v. Board of Trustees, Public Employees' Retirement System, case number A-29-12, in the Supreme Court of New Jersey.
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